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Chocolate oatmeal with topping

chocolate oatmeal with topping

This yummy breakfast is made from Oats, oat-milk with chocolate flavor, kiwi, peach, bananas, walnuts, hemp seeds and peanut butter.

I love waking up in the morning and make a delicious breakfast. Just relaxing and enjoying some “me-time”. And tbh, i like it even better in the Autumns. When it dark and cozy in the mornings.

Clubbing in Stockholm

nightclub slakthuset stockholm

This weekend have been a lot of fun. I had a girls night with my best friend and her baby on Thursday evening. Dinner guests on Friday and a girls night out with an old friend yesterday.

I have not been out clubbing for a long time in Sweden (i mainly stick to my rock bars) but it was really fun! Probably because we didn’t go to Stureplan like most of the time when its clubbing time, instead we went to Trädgården and Slakthuset, and it was so much more fun!

club in stockholm

Blurry pics, i know. And i did not take any pictures the other days. But you know what they say, the less pictures the more fun you actually had 😉

Friday snack


Is it only me who loves to make small finger food/snacks when the weekend comes? It gives some extra spice to the Friday feeling. Yesterdays creation was made from crackers, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, basilica and a dash of balsamico. Easy, simple Yummy ♥

Homemade Vietnamese Springrolls

homemade Vietnamese springrolls

I love to cook, and i love to try out new things to cook. One of my favorite things to eat is Vietnamese springrolls. You can make them in so many different ways and they always taste fresh and yummy.

Yesterday i made some for me, my sister & L. Since they eat meat i made theirs with chicken. Mine was instead made with lettuce, bean sprouts, avocado, carrots, shrimps, coriander, chili and peaches. And they came out delicious!

Wake up and run!

Woke up a little bit later than normal today, but i stayed up late watching Avangers infinity war. And i loved it! It was much better than i expected since a lot of people told me it was not that good, so i did not really have high expectations.

wake up and run

A little while ago i was out for my morning run. I love that i finally started with that again, i feel so much better and receive more energy. I am that kind of person that jump up from the bed immediately after waking up and need to do something. So running is a perfect way to start the day for me.

What kind of morning person are you?

Back in Stockholm

driving my little ford

Yesterday i arrived to my home in Stockholm. Even if i love being at my summer place i felt that i wanted to spend some time in Stockholm too. But today i wont do much more than work and maybe play some video games later. I am very tired and i need to get some good rest before i start making too much plans for the upcoming days.