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    Horror movies part 1

    I love horror movies! It is my favorite movie genre but also the genre with the worst movies. Luckily, i have seen sooo many horror movies, so i can help you guys skip the bad ones and only tell you about the good ones (or at least the ones i like).
    And what time is better to watch horror movies than during the Autumn? 😀


    Tips 1: Get Out

    This movie is really good and can also be watched together with someone who normally doesn’t appreciate horror

    movies. The movie is a about a black guy that are going to meet his white   

     girlfriends parents for the first time. When he arrives at her parents home and meet some of the people who works as their housekeepers he got a feeling that something is not right.

    I dont want to reveal too much of the movie, but it is one of these kind movies where you just sit and make guesses about who in the movie knows what.
    Type of horror movie: Mystery, Thriller
    Scary level: 5/10



    Tips 2: Hereditary

    First movie in a while where i actually got a bit creeped out. This movie is new and you can watch it at the cinemas right now. The movie brings up ghosts and supernatural events, which is my absolute favorite subject when it comes to horror movies. The story is about a grieving family that gets haunted by disturbing and tragic events that starts to unravel some dark secrets.

    Type of horror movie: Mystery, Drama
    Scary level: 8/10

    I still have a few on my list to watch very soon.

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    Some pics from my weekend

    The weekend was really nice and i spent it with some of my favorite people. Friday i went to Helgö as you already know. And yesterday i had some people over for a game-night. I love bringing a group of people together and play different kind of games. I have some really good ones stored that i will share with you guys later. First i have another important blog post to prepare 😉

    Maybe not the best pics, but better than nothing 😛

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    Friday at Helgö

    The weekend started off with a boat trip to Helgö where we spent the evening and night with dinner and drinks. When we woke up this morning the weather was really good so we decided to go out with the boat again.
    And now i just got home. Will relax a bit and then start preparing for the evening.

    boat in stockholm

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    We’ll never know What stands behind the door

    Today it is exactly one year ago since i left Malta. And exactly 4 years ago i moved to Malta. Time flies, and since i left Malta i have managed to visit Malta twice, traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Spain. And the last one is where i am moving later this Autumn.

    On year ago when i left Malta, i had no plans at all of doing any of this. This is proof that you never know what waits around the corner. I am a living proof that life can really change a lot from day to day. For good and for bad.


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    Japanese food at Kaori Rusafa

    japanese food at kaori rusafa valencia

    My last dinner in Valencia before i left to Sweden again was amazing! L had planned to take me to a nice Paella restaurant as a surprise until i told him 2 days earlier that i am not a big fan of paella. He then had to change the plans and picked a Japanese restaurant instead. And it was great! The food and the service was on top, and i think this might be the best Japanese restaurant i have ever visited so far.

    I will go visit this restaurant for sure when i am back in Valencia!
    Ah yeah i have not told you guys yet, but i actually got myself a rental contract for an apartment in Valencia when i was there last week. So in about 5 weeks i am moving there!

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    Its only Tuesday

    Got damn it! I need a new computer mouse, and of course i forgot to buy one when i took the car to go for shopping and pre-vote for the election earlier today.. And shit, the election is soon, very soon, i am very nervous for this one.. Well.. i wont stay too much longer in Sweden anyway.

    Anyhow, i just finished a delicious soup based on sweet potato and coconut milk which was delicious! And very spicy. I have this special habanero spice mix at home which i love! When it comes to sauces and spices i think habanro is on point!

    PS. I saw a pretty good horror movie yesterday, i will tell you about it tomorrow.

    Do i have any visitors that are just as crazy about horror movies as i am??

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    Birthday weekend

    Good morning Monday! New week, new possibilities!
    I have been a bit busy this weekend by celebration my birthday but also been getting some rest.  I actually stayed in my home (and the golf restaurant just outside my home) the whole weekend. Just enjoying great company, great food and cold drinks. I have some plans to celebrate a bit more later in September.

    Birthday Lunch last Friday
    wallenbergare på viksjö golfbana  lunch på viksjö golfrestaurant lax