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    Where are we moving next?

    It was the second time i played croquet today and i won! I am finding more and more hidden talents this year that i did not knew i had!! 🙂
    Other than that i think this will be my last week at my summer place. I want to spend some time in Stockholm with my friends before the summer is over and i have to leave again… And now to the never ending question.. where are we moving after Sweden? We dont know yet. But we are a bit closer to an answer that we were yesterday at least.

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    A lovely Friday

    Yesterday was filled with fun and celebration.
    I stood for the dinner for everyone and decided to go for some Mexican inspiration when making it.
    I made Mexican and BBQ spices beefburgers with all kind of different sauces & extras such as like sriracha mayo, guacamole, salads, salsas, and sweet potato fries.

    Later we ate some American Blueberry cheesecake that my sister made and spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub with some drinks.

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    American pancake breakfast

    This Friday started very good! We decided to fix the old alcove where we always had lunches and dinners before when grandpa was still alive.
    When we fixed with the tables and stuff we had a pancake breakfast there. It is a really nice spot do dine in and i love eating out in the nature! More breakfasts like that please!

    After the breakfast i was working for some hours. Now i will take a break and go to the lake for a swim. Getting some visits in a while and tonight we have some celebration to do Confetti free icon

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    A day at Visingsö

    Yesterday we went to Visingsö to watch Drängarna perform. But before that we had some hangout at the small beach close to the harbor and dinner at an Asian place.

    thaifood at vinsingsö
    The restaurant was very nice and they had a good live band playing meanwhile we were eating. The food was just OK though. It is good but nothing special. I am a big fan of curries and ordered the dish with penang curry which was a bit thin i think. But i have also just been travelling around Asia were i ate amazing curries so i guess the Swedish versions will never be as good and tasteful. I am also a huge fan of very spicy food which is not to my advantage when eating out in Sweden. My sisters dish had some great flavors though, i will have to ask her what she ordered.

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    When breakfast is on your mind

    Are you guys like? Love to wake up in the morning and make some really nice breakfast?
    Sometimes i am even planning what to eat for breakfast right before i fall asleep in my bed. Normally i try to wake up early in the weeks and start my day with a cup of tea or coffee, it depends what i feel like. Sometimes i like to enjoy my breakfast first and then have a coffee after that.

    nice breaky bowl

    When it comes to breakfast i have 3 different standard breakfast that i normally eat. I chose which ever my body feel like having.

    First one is a simple standard breakfast with a sandwich, a boiled egg and a smoothie. And what do i have on my sandwich? It depends what i feel like. Sometimes i have avocado, sometimes i put the egg on the sandwich with caviar and sometimes i just have cheese.

    Second one is oatmeal. I love my oatmeal and i really like how you can make it different from day to day. one of my favorites is to mix the oats with cocos, bananas and blueberries before heating it up with water. Than i add some seeds and nuts together with honey on top of it and pour some almond milk on it. This is one of my favorite breakfast!

    Third one is Greek or Turkish yogurt with berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, honey and peanut-butter on top. Simple and yummy!

    big breakfast in cambodia

    Sometimes i eat other stuff like a nice omelette mixed with veggies and Dijon mustard.

    What is your favorite breakfast?

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    Tired days – Tips for better sleep anyone?

    black and white selfie

    Tonight i have slept very bad… I have always had problem with my sleep and tried to do a lot of things to make it better. For example i am:

    • Sleeping with earplugs
    • Downloaded an app that change the blue light on my mobile screen in the evenings to a more orange one that are not supposed to disturb the sleep as much.
    • Trying to get rid of all my extra energy during the day so i am really tired in the evening
    • Not drinking coffee too late in the afternoon

    Do you guys have any good tips how to get better sleep? 🙂