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    Getting better

    I already felt better yesterday and decided to spend my day at the beach. I have already been away for two months but i have not spent much time at the beach at all. Probably because i have been living in a country with 300 sunny days per year so heading to the beach is not my first option when travelling. But now i felt i needed some relaxing time and a big doze of vitamin D.

    But i still could not eat normal yesterday. So i hope that i will be able to do that today. I mean one of the best thing about travelling is the food, so it sucks when i can not eat! Well, lets see what this day has in store for me. I have a feeling it will be another calm day with a little bit of work i need to finish.

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    Took the midnight train going… to Nha Trang

    Yesterday started great but ended really shitty… I got food poisoned. I have no idea from where or what but suddenly during our trip to Hoi An i started to feel really sick and from there it just went down. And it was the worst possible day for that to happen! We had no hotel room to go and rest in since we checked out already and had a night train booked that evening. I had to sit on a scooter (worst ride ever) feeling ill and freezing, back to our old hotel where i passed out on a hard bench in the lobby until we had to leave for the train. I slept the whole trip and have been sleeping a lot today. Finally i start feeling a bit better but i am still very low on energy. Lets get a good night of rest and keep our fingers crossed that i will be completely restored tomorrow.

    PS. i did not want to share a picture of food poisoned me, so here is a picture from a nice walk in Hanoi instead 😀

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    Banh Xao Vietnamese pancakes

    banh xao

    Once again i have been eating a delicious meal in Vietnam. I think Vietnamese cousin must be one of my absolute favorite food in the world. So many great options! but of course i have my favorites. A big one is the Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. Always making them myself when i am home in Sweden.
    Then one dish that i dont remember the name of right now, but it is a soup with a lot of fresh spices and lettuce that i like to have together with some vegetarian fried spring rolls.

    But than i have one of my new favorites, the Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake). This is sooo good, and i had the best one so far here today in Da Nang at Madame Hanh. I very much recommend to try them out there.



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    Hello Da Nang 

    I had some amazing days in Hue which i will tell you more about later. This afternoon i arrived in Da Nang and i already love the beach (i have not even seen it daytime yet).

    Since i am traveling a lot right now and my days are pretty full it is a bit hard to give you a full update of the things i am seeing and doing over here. I will try to update as much as possible but i promise some better and longer posts about all these places when i am back in Sweden again and have some free time. Half way to go!

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    Back in Hanoi

    After spending a couple of nights in Cat Ba we are once again back in Hanoi. We are going to stay here for one night and tomorrow we fly to Hue. I have really enjoyed my time in Hanoi and Cat Ba but i am also looking forward to some warmer weather now. It has been a bit more chilly and cloudy in the North part of Vietnam so i am ready to head south.

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    Finally a good cup of coffee

    For the first time this trip I have managed to find some good coffee. Not only good but great! No sugar, no sweet condensed milk, just coffee with a splash of milk.

    And I tell you it is hard to find. Or at least so far. Doesn’t matter if I ask for no sugar or normal milk or whatever.. the coffee taste like a sugarbomb. So right now I’m pretty much in heaven!

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    Eating and drinking around

    I am eating and eating and eating and drinking beer here in Hanoi. And hands down, the food is the best i had so far. But i already knew that the food was going to be great over here since this actually is not my first visit in Vietnam.
    So i am basically eating and drinking my way around this city and will continue doing that until we leave for Ha Long bay tomorrow.

    I also think i will start writing reviews about the hotels we have visited so far. After all it is a shit ton of them. We have almost been away for 6 weeks now and have more than half way left. 

    Vietnamese fresh spring rolls Vietnamese spring rolls