• Food

    Calamares at iPlace

    calamares marsaxlokk

    Of you feel like having a relaxing day with a cold beer and some nice finger food to eat, what is better than ordering a portion of calamares? Last time i had some of them was when i went to Marsaxlokk for their fish market during the Sundays. Perfect for me since i am a pesceterian. We bought some nice freshly caught tuna and shrimps that we was supposed to put on the barbecue for the evening. But before that we still needed to eat some lunch. And we are not that often in Marsaxlokk which made it feel even more important to try out some nice restaurant.

    We went to a restaurant called iPlace. Since we where there on a Sunday most of the places we had checked out before was closed. The food at the iPlace was maybe not the best but it worked. And i guess the name of the place is because they give everyone an ipad to check the menu. For me it mostly felt like a failed try to give the restaurant a more modern touch.
    My company was ordering different types of food like bruschetta, mushrooms in garlic, sausages and other pretty common things. Everything tasted good but average. My favorite of everything that was ordered to the table was for sure the calamares and my ice coffee with amaretto flavor. they where actually really good, but also hard to fail with. I actually got really bad calamares one time in Spain, that was horrible, but that story is for another time.


  • Training

    Application for home workouts

    I love trying out new apps, especially when it comes to good training apps. Unfortunately i am not 100% satisfied with a lot of them but a little while ago i downloaded a training app that i really enjoy using. The name of the app is: 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I think you can kind of figure out what the application is about by just reading its name, but if not, i will explain it for you and also tell why i like it so much.

    How is the fitness app working?

    The app is very simple. You just download it (i am a Android user so i downloaded it from Play Store). And the fitness app is free, which make me like it even more. Open it up, create an account and start browse between the different workouts that the app is offering. You can find the following options in the menu:

    • Butt Workout
    • Full Body Workout
    • Abs Workout
    • Arm Workout
    • Leg Workout

    The great thing with this training app is that you can chose different grades of difficulty. It means that this app is suiting people who is both beginners when it comes to training and for people who already have pretty good physics. Chose a plan and a grade and start doing your workout. You need no weights, and you can easily follow the workout plan from your home. The workout is varying from day to day and get a little bit harder for each day, just to make you push the limits a bit more for every day you do the workout. You following a 30 day schedule and can see how much you have completed by percent. For every exercise you are doing there is a video showing how to do the exercise. If you still are not 100% sure how to do it, than you can find all the exercises in the app and how to do them more detailed.

    Why do i recommend this fitness app?

    First of all, it feels like having a little training buddy with you when you are doing the workouts at home. The exercises in the app are different from each other and it is not the same everyday. I tried 30 days challenges before but got very bored. A lot of them have the same exercises for every day, just a higher amount of reps. Personally i am using this one to make up for days where i dont feel like going to the gym. Than i can at least take around 20 minutes and do some nice exercise at home. And trust me, if you are doing everything correct and do all the repeats that the app tells you to do, than you will be sweaty and you will feel the workout afterwards. But you will need to have a lot of discipline to make it. But i think you will need to have a lot of discipline when it comes to all different kinds of home training.